Nurse and midwife training and selection of paramedical staff

Thanks to all your support at Christmas, to your contributions made with donation of 5 thousandths of your income tax (“IRPEF”) and through long-distance adoption of students, we have completed the first training unit for 14 Ethiopian nurses.

The goals set by Italian training staff, Sara and Pietro, who worked with other doctors and nurses with the support of the sisters residing in the charity institution – were to standardise and complete the knowledge of the nurses and midwives and prepare new hospital protocols.

In order to begin operation, we also need other members of staff: technicians, pharmacists, office staff, cleaning, cooking and laundry staff, and so on. Hospital management has published a competition announcement in the entire Tigray region and collected 196 candidacies. Selection procedures are underway for hiring for a trial period permitting verification and consolidation of skills.


Many thanks for the translation to Joanne Roan