If you’re born in the wrong place...

Do you see the baby girl in the photograph? Sister Laura noticed her among the patients in the public hospital, because the wound on her cheek was severely infected. She was delivered using forceps inappropriately, tearing her cheek and injuring her shoulder.

"Nick" as told by his doctor friend

Fernando Gaion is a doctor who was part of the invaluable team of medical volunteers in Adwa.

He is an important Italian oncologist with a big heart.

On his return from Ethiopia, he told us this touching story...

The small Yesus

On Christmas Eve 2015, Sister Laura sent us a special message:

"Dearest friends, this is the BABY JESUS that Divine Providence gave us today, even if here in Ethiopia, Christmas is in 2 weeks: a baby about 5 months old, abandoned on the street, brought to the Axum hospital by passers-by and finally, given in custody to the mission because the doctors don't know what to do. We'll see if we can't bring this "Baby Jesus" to a hospital in Italy to try to understand the nature of the deformity and, if possible, cure it.


Dr. Sergio Tabacchi, an ophthalmologist from Ferrara who has spent part of his holiday volunteering in Adwa for the last 7 years, found himself operating on a hopeless case...


Autumn 2014

Sister Laura is meeting all the families being supported by long-distance adoption. At the Mission, volunteer doctors from Italy are giving medical aid. Carolina is skilfully documenting everything with her camera.

A woman with sad eyes arrives, nursing her newborn, knowing it is the last time...here is the story.