The mission is primarily dedicated to education, meaning the integral formation of the person, starting from the very first years of life through adulthood.
Infants are looked after for the first three years by a volunteer nurse, who teaches the mothers and monitors growth.

At the age of three, children can begin attending nursery school, continuing until they begin primary school.
The scholastic cycle goes on for twelve years, through middle/high school, at which point they can choose technical or professional training or to continue on to university.

Students graduating from Kidane Mehret are known throughout country to have received outstanding academic preparation and human formation. The authorities ask what “the secret behind this educational philosophy” is and the nuns reply that it is the Salesian method, taught by Don Bosco.


  • The technical and professional school has been prepping personnel for the textile factory for years now, in partnership with the mission. It also holds classes for business secretaries, receptionists, warehouse managers and accountants.
  • IT classes offer adults a chance to access the world of advanced technology: the managers at the factory, local college, and public offices were all trained by the mission.
  • Classes for the advancement of women who have not attained the minimum required level of formal education offer the chance to acquire manual skills for a profession to ensure their dignity and financial independence.
  • The social service project for needy families aids about five thousand people, the majority of whom are widows, single mothers, grandmothers, orphans of war and people with AIDS.
  • The structure of the mission gives all the young people in the city a reference point where they can congregate for sports, recreational, and youth ministry activities at the weekends and in the summer.


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