Amici di Adwa members are all volunteers: they offer their time and skills to promote the fundraising in Italy and to support and grow the Salesian Mission in Adwa.

In ITALY volunteers can help in the managment of informative events, social occasions and information stands.

The contribution of each one is vital to maintaining the institution’s operating costs at minimum, so that 92-95% of the funds raised can be sent to the Kidane Mehret Mission.

Who can become a volunteer friends of Adwa in Italy? Everyone! Just giving a little of their time.
Instead, the situation is different for those who want to have an experience in Ethiopia: it is not enough the goodwill. Adaptability, ability to work in team  and SKILLS in the area of which is offered his work are FUNDAMENTAL.

Currently, priority is given to the health personnel of A.S.P.O.S. and AMOA associations who provides assistance in the first wing of the new hospital. For information on the documents and procedures necessary to leave as health staff, read the information on the ASPOS website. After have read this attachment, you can request further information by writing to ospedale@amicidiadwa.org or to info@asposonlus.it.

The Amici di Adwa association usually organizes and prepares a group of volunteers to coordinate summer activities with hundreds of Adwa children. Young people with experience in education, sports, parishes, animation, etc. are therefore privileged.

However for the summer 2020, due to the upcoming political elections in Ethiopia and the problems related to the Covid-19 pandemic, it was decided not to organize the trip of the group of volunteers.

Moreover, since November 2020 a civil conflict has begun in Tigray region and it’s not possible to organize any volunteers’ trip

In general, for all availabilities, it is necessary to agree with the local sisters (through our association in Italy) the period and the type of activity that can be carried out. All trips are suspended pending the return of the health emergency.

It is also possible to stay within the Mission as “tourists”, offering a contribution to the self-sufficiency of the structure.

For further information, you can contact the “Amici di Adwa” Association by writing to Lucia:

All trip are suspended due to the not safety situation in the area.