Food and agriculture

Food and agriculture

The land in Adwa is still suffering the consequences of the chemical warfare employed by former dictator Mengistu.

In addition, the alternating droughts of the dry season and the torrential storms during rainy season often prevent farmers from harvesting enough to meet the local food demand.

This is why the food shortages the children and families of Adwa face must be supplemented.

Greenhouses have been built within the mission. They are able to maintain proper moisture levels to grow vegetables and protect them when torrential rainstorms wash away what has been sown.

Local staff, trained by Italian volunteers, grow crops from imported and indigenous seeds.

The harvested vegetables contribute to the mission’s food self-sufficiency and to supplying its school canteen.

There are also barns with dairy cows, rabbits, chickens, and sheep. Both the products – milk and eggs – and meat are extremely precious and otherwise difficult to source.

These structures also offer good job opportunities for mothers and fathers.

Unfortunately, the nuns continue to find children in Adwa suffering from undernourishment and malnutrition. The long-distance adoption program allows them to meet with families every month and do periodic check-ups on the children.

In 2012, they also built a system to grow a miracle microalgae: SPIRULINA.

Taking Spirulina helps malnourished mothers and children recover in just a month.

It stimulates the immune system, fighting cellular degeneration, and increases energy and well-being.

These are all things that make it a natural dietary supplement that is especially suitable for children, adults, and the elderly.

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  • with €20, you can give a malnourished child a month’s supply of Spirulina
  • With €50, you can donate a pair of rabbits to make sure a family in Adwa has meat

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