The Salesian mission in Adwa works in the spirit of Don Bosco and Mother Mazzarello, following their charisma in educating.

From its foundation, the goals have been to:

  • Evangelise, educating through the school and introduction into the workforce.
  • Defend life in all its forms.
  • Work so that it is the Ethiopians who change Ethiopia and make youth the protagonists of their own future.
  • Identify potential leaders and prepare them as “formators”.
  • Guide the local people from a traditionally agricultural and pastoral economy (no longer sustainable) to an artisanal, cooperative, industrial economy.
  • Encourage private initiatives and 3rd sector activities.
  • Promote the empowerment of women, who have always faced discrimination.
  • Create conditions for an economic upswing to free the people from poverty and dependence.
  • Create conditions by which the people can make free and informed choices, including religious ones.
  • Ensure the mission’s future financial independence in terms of normal operation.


The mission works with:

  • All the religious and civil entities in the area.
  • The Catholic Secretariat and Religious Congregations.
  • Representatives from Churches of various denominations.
  • The Ministry of Education.
  • The Ministry of Labour.
  • The UN civil protection and peace forces.
  • Factories, merchants, professionals, artisans, farmers.
  • Associations.

The missions works for:

  • The weakest categories, women and children.
  • The youth, prioritising girls.
  • Illiterate adults.
  • Girls at risk (prevention).
  • Girls and women who are already involved in prostitution, often simply to feed themselves (rescue).
  • Single mothers, abandoned/abused wives, widows.
  • Orphans of war or AIDS.
  • Literate adults that require retraining.