Long-distance adoption

Sign up for long-distance adoption with the Amici di Adwa Association: just a few euros a day allows you to take care of a child in need, helping him/her to grow in the community, with his/her people, without taking him/her away from his/her loved ones or culture.

You can donate:

monthly (€31)
quarterly (€93)
biannually (€186)
annually (€372)
via bank transfer, postal payment slip, credit card, Paypal.

Start a long-distance adoption: please downolad and fill this form to activate a SEPA DIRECT DEBIT SDD

OR make a bank transfert to Amici di Adwa onlus

IBAN IT12 E 06115 23400 000001355063 BIC/SWIFT CRCEIT2C

Otherwise you can donate on line:

with credit card once, filling this form on-line and writing in the field “Donation details” NEW ADOPTION
with paypal or SDD – recurrent donations – filling this form on-line
What we mean by long-distance adoption

There are various forms of long-distance adoption.
For the Amici di Adwa Association, it is a gesture of voluntary solidarity, a personal commitment asking nothing in return.

See the attachment with details about the relationship between sponsor, sponsored child and association.

Who is sponsored

Children who require long-distance support are selected based on emergency criteria. For example: in a family with 4-5 children, 2 are put up for sponsorship but the entire family benefits from the donations sent.
The primary condition for the sponsored family is that all school-age children attend school, thereby receiving an education.

Relationship between sponsor and sponsored child

The Amici di Adwa Association requests that there be no direct contact with the sponsored child to avoid misunderstandings and protect the sponsor’s privacy, unless the family specifically requests otherwise in writing. In fact, there have been cases where the “child” of yesterday shows up on the long-distance parents’ doorstep as an adult, expecting to be taken into the family.

It is also very difficult to ensure personal correspondence with the children, especially due to the language (most of the inhabitants of Adwa speak the local Tigrinya, which is completely different to any European language).

What information you can expect

Sponsors will receive an initial profile introducing the child and his/her family. The Amici di Adwa Association will then send a picture of the sponsored child every year, along with updates on what is happening in Adwa.
The Association cannot guarantee specific updates on each sponsored child, for various reasons:

1) there aren’t many Salesian nuns working at the mission at this time and they help nearly 1,800 children sponsored from afar, in addition to hundreds of others who, though not sponsored, come to the mission daily for medical aid, emergencies, education, games, etc.

2) not all the sponsored children attend the school at the mission. It is very hard to get information on how every child is doing scholastically from state schools. Although they collaborate with the mission, they usually only report drop-outs or very serious issues.

3) we ask that our sponsors and benefactors treat this supportive relationship with mutual trust and a gratuitous spirit. It’s certainly natural to become attached to your sponsored child, but remember that there are people taking care of him/her in Adwa, respecting the Ethiopian culture and way of life.

For its part, the association strives to ensure sponsors the utmost transparency regarding its decisions and actions.

You can ask the association for information on how the activities and projects at the mission are progressing at any time. You can visit the mission in person to offer concrete help, based on your competences and skills.

Long-distance adoption is a moral commitment, with no legal obligations.

Long-distance adoption usually lasts until the child turns 18, at which point he/she is presumably able to live independently.
Sponsorship can also be interrupted in the event the family becomes financially independent (which is what we hope for), or if the sponsored child moves to another location.
You will then be asked to sponsor a new child in place of the previous one.

If you decide to stop your sponsorship, please inform the Association promptly so the child can be reassigned to a new sponsor family.