Other projects

The projects that the Amici di Adwa (Friends of Adwa) Association supports are aimed at ensuring the sustainability of the mission into the future, organising it so that, little by little, it is no longer dependent on external financial aid and freeing it from welfarism.
In short, we can say, “Ethiopians must save Ethiopia”.

The mission has the goal of guiding the people towards an alternative economy based on artisanal activities and small industries, given the fact that it is no longer possible to continue the ancient tradition of an economy based on sheep farming and agriculture (irreparably destroyed by chemical warfare and deforestation).

You can contribute to the continuity of the projects in progress:

A hospital for Adwa
Food supply and agriculture

How do we want to implement our projects?

Activating a “poor” market that is accessible to the needs of a severely impoverished consumer base, in cooperation with the local factories from which raw materials are acquired (processing scraps, cotton waste from weaving) at nearly no cost.

Cloth scraps are used to make undergarments and patchwork quilts.
Rags and even the smallest textile scraps are recycled and used to make material for padding.
Paper is recycled to make up for the lack of wood or other conventional fuels.

All these products are sold internally in local markets to directly benefit the people. The profits are reinvested by the mission in order to acquire new raw materials.
Thus, there is no dispersion outside the local economy.

The tools

Education, intended as all mandatory schooling, from nursery school to high school

Professional training, as a necessary process to enter the work world

Technical school, as preparation aimed at learning specific skills

Laboratories and small cooperatives to produce artisanal items for distribution on internal markets