January 2019 hospital update

January 2019 hospital update

2019 will be the year the new hospital in Adwa goes into service.


The Ethiopian authorities have authorised the opening of the first wing of the new hospital as a Health Centre in the past few weeks.

The first medical services provided in the year 2019 were those of a team of volunteer dentists and orthodontists: dentists Rino Zoccarato and Giorgio Calgaro and orthodontist Matteo Cavedon, supported by their versatile assistants, Federico Zoccarato and Brian Paradiso, and by the hospital nurses, examined almost 500 patients, drew 346 teeth, provided 77 sets of dentures, made 20 fillings, cleaned 20 sets of teeth and performed 5 root canal treatments! We also wish to thank volunteers Emanuela and Erika for preparing 50 newborn kits to be given to the first mothers who give birth in the new hospital.

We are about to begin an ongoing partnership with new on-site professionals: two Cuban physicians and surgeons and an Italian laboratory biologist will be living in Adwa and coordinating the work in the new hospital. They will be assisted by a nurse (Sister Pauline) and a physiotherapist (Sister Betty), Cottolengo missionaries who had already been working in Adwa for a number of years, in addition to trainers for local staff. The selection procedure is under way for Ethiopian doctors and other professionals essential for operating the clinics and for short hospital stays.

Thanks to the support of companies and volunteers all over Italy, we have achieved our goal of collecting €10,000 to fund training of Ethiopian obstetric and nursing staff in the field. Our sincere thanks for your precious support!

Equipment purchased in Italy is now being installed in the hospital. Enrico Girotto, Sister Laura’s brother, a former General Electric executive, will be providing his invaluable technical and organisational assistance with information systems and project management.

Thanks to Dr. Anna Carobene and Dr. Vittorio Rossi, the testing laboratory is now beginning operation.

In the months to come ASPOS Chairman Dr. Giampaolo Fasolo will also be at the mission, organising shifts for Italian specialists working on a voluntary basis, along with the AMOA ophthalmologists and Dr. Sergio Tabacchi.

The new hospital should be ready to welcome its first patients by March, to test the operational and organisational functioning of the new Health Centre.

We’ll be saving new lives in the New Year… with your help!

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