Why does Adwa need your help?

Thank you for supporting disadvantaged children and their communities!

We want to tell you why Amici di Adwa has been helping the Ethiopian people since 1998. This is a people that has suffered very much, following a long history of colonisation that began with Italy, the legacy of a ferocious dictatorship and a civil war involving chemical warfare, as well as cyclical famines that allowed a minority to speculate and act in their own interests rather than those of the majority of the population.

Perhaps you are asking: “But there are people in need of help in so many parts of the world! Why do you want to help Adwa in particular?
And the answer is: just try and imagine…
…what your life would be like if you were born in Adwa?

  • You would have come to know hunger in one of the frequent famines. People still die of hunger and diseases caused by malnutrition in Adwa today. An average salary is just not enough to feed a family when food is scarce and prices go up …
  • There’s a ten percent chance you would not have survived to reach the age of five: Ethiopia has one of the world’s highest infant mortality rates.
  • You would have very little education. Girls in particular are encouraged to drop out of school to help their mothers in their household duties, in caring for their younger siblings, in minor farming tasks or as shepherds and goatherds.
  • Just falling down could be enough to leave you disabled for life; an ordinary infection could kill you. Doctors, medical equipment and medicines are scarce, and very expensive.

We came up against these problems, and took them to heart when Sister Laura Girotto responded to Ethiopia’s cry for help.

Do you know that feeling when you listen to someone talk and feel you simply must do something to help them? This is what happened to the people who went to church one Sunday morning in 1994 in Penzale, near Ferrara… and they haven’t stopped helping ever since!

Sister Laura founded Kidane Mehret mission (meaning “veil of mercy”, the name of the mountain above the mission, in the local language) on barren land devastated by chemical warfare. All she had as a shelter and landmark for the local people was a blue tent left behind by soldiers…

[For more about the history of the Adwa mission and Sister Laura, request a copy of the book “The blue tent”]

Now, with the support of countless individuals, groups, churches, organisations and companies, there is a mission with schools of all types and levels, greenhouses, stables, a hostel, and workshops for vocational training. Long-distance adoptions provide children with food, clothing and an education until they become adults, offering the new generation the tools they need to make a contribution to their country’s future.
But once the school got going, it became clear that there was a medical emergency. Too many students, teachers and parents were dying of diseases that are easily treatable in other parts of the world!
Sister Laura and her sisters asked Amici di Adwa to support an important new project: the construction and opening of a new hospital.
The needs of children, months and communities in Ethiopia are so vast, there is a huge need for your help. Give the children and mothers of Adwa a future! So much can be done with even a small donation.

Your help can change the lives of children in Ethiopia, making you a truly special person for them!



(Many thanks for the translation to Joanne Roan)