Updates report march 2023 from Tigray – Kidane Mehret hospital numbers in 2022

Updates report march 2023 from Tigray – Kidane Mehret hospital numbers in 2022


The cease-fire signed in Pretoria  last 2nd of November seems to slowly materialize.It has been ratified in Nairobi on the 12th of November by the leaders of the armies , with the implementation of a path of gradual disarmament and access facilitation to humanitarian aid.

There are currently obstacles and slow downs, but several progresses have been verified by the commission of mediators of the African Union.

Another important step is the retirement of the Eritrean army from Tigray.

About this, a ratification from Eritrean dictator Isayas is still missing and he continues to refuse responsibilities and complains about attacks.

At the moment therefore, there are still Eritrean armies in the border areas with reiteration of violence and abuses.

The transition phase regarding  the political and administrative control of Tigray area provides for an interim government recognized by both parties, which has still to be individuated.

Services in the region are in a set up phase. In fact telecommunication are now possible again, but some  cave infrastructures and electrical lines still have to be repaired; banks offer services but have no cash available; back wages for civil servants among these healthcare employees , teachers, officers  blocked two years ago, are not paid yet. Gasoline is really scarce . Flights from Tigray are forbidden to the population (between 16 and 65 years old). International reporters  still have many problems to reach the territory.

In the meantime, the Ethiopian Prime Minister, touring  the European capitals – among which also Rome – has  to entered into several agreements, got promises to obtain aids with reference to  international cooperation (which was suspended during the war) new economical alliances and military strategies.

Refugees have still not returned to  the territories disputed with the Eritreans and Amhara which are still militarily occupied. In many areas around, there are still tense situations.

International air shipments are much limited (sister Laura has now full collaboration of authorities and ministries , but very often she is blocked by bureaucratic obstacles) and  the by-land or sea containers are still unworkable in some stretches due to safety reasons. Due to this, we are waiting to have the possibility of shipping again construction materials as well as equipment.

A good news: it is now possible for doctors and technicians to obtain the visa and air tickets TO REACH Tigray! The first group is travelling in these days to verify the state of the construction site, implementation of the hospital  wards and to plan how to restart with projects.



Just try to imagine the big problems that the mission had to face : outside the gates makeshifts refugee camps inside schools or under  tents have given protection to more than 100.000  persons escaped from the territories in the north occupied and looted by the Eritreans.

Mouths to feed, sick people to cure, women to help in giving birth.

The hospital at the mission was the only reference point for the people, for authorities, for the humanitarians organizations that very rarely arrived with food to give over and some first aid medicines.

Only now definitively we know and can disclose some numbers about 2022, really impressive :

67.000  assisted patients

1.144    surgical interventions  very  carried out in often prohibited conditions

4385     births of which 576 new born babies that needed intensive therapy

3.634    patients  treated for acute malnutrition

Many new born babies and mothers  heavily underweight, complicated twin/triplets births , neonatal and maternal mortality ( also due to the distance that women in labor have to travel to find assistance).

Cured persons, lives saved and those brought to life  are all thanks to you.

Thanks to each one of you for every single contribute, big or small, that has made it possible to continue with the hospital.

Let’s go on like that.