Amici di Adwa members are all volunteers: they offer their time and skills to promote the fundraising in Italy and to maintain and grow the Salesian Mission in Adwa.

In ITALY volunteers can help by assisting in the creation of informative events, social occasions and information stands.

The contribution of each is vital to maintaining the institution’s operating costs at minimum, so that 92-95% of the funds raised can reach Mission Kidane Mehret.

In ETHIOPIA volunteers can teach (crafts, creativity, languages, school subjects …), they can make with their own hands (construction, maintenance, gardening or farming, knitting, tailoring …), may be present (particularly doctors and medical staff) or animate (playing children) … and so forth!

Who can become a volunteer friends of Adwa in Italy? Everyone! Just give a little of their time.

Instead, the situation is different for those who want to experience living in Ethiopia: there is not enough good will also need expertise in the area in which it offers its work, adaptability, ability to work in team. If you’d like to learn more, read the text available at this link.

The Association selects and prepares volunteers wishing to offer their concrete contribution and free in Adwa. The involvement of volunteers from Italy takes place at the request of the mission to the needs identified by sister Laura and her sisters.

Currently, priority is given to health staff A.S.P.O.S. Association helper waiting to get ready.

Another group of volunteers is usually accepted in August to organise summer activities with children and young people of Adwa. I’m so privileged young people with experience in education, sports, entertainment, etc.
For the summer 2017 we have no news yet from Adwa on organization, if you are interested please send your resume to the Association and stay connected for updates.

In General, for all the availability, you have to agree with the sisters on site the period and the type of tasks that you can perform.

It is also possible to stay within the Mission as “tourists” by contributing to the fund raising of the structure.

To receive more information, you can contact the Association Amici di Adwa at info@amicidiadwa.org


Permanent volunteers

Some people choose to live in Ethiopia for a few months or indefinitely, offering every day their expertise to students and adults in training:

Antonio . MasterBuilder for the Hospital project

Daniele – computer and networks expert

Laura – head of dressmaking and fashion teacher

Marco – cook and diet expert

Massimo – mechanic and inventor – and Marzia – accounting and manager of self sustenance projects

Rino – technician and handyman, teacher

Giovanni – agriculture expert and farmer at the greenhouses and stables of the mission.