Our history

Our history

Do you know when you hear a person talking and you feel you must do something right now to help her?

So it happened to those who attended a mass on a Sunday morning of 1994 in the small church of Penzale – Cento (FE) … and they never stopped helping!

The person who spoke was sister Laura Girotto. She went in Cento to greet her sister Liliana before leaving to found a new mission in Adwa, Ethiopia. She needed some money to begin with, so the priest gave her the opportunity to speak directly to the community.

If you’ve never heard sister Laura, you don’t know yet that she can capture your attention, warm your soul, move your most noble feelings towards who she really cares: the latest in the world.

After several experiences of mission abroad and activities in Italy, she was asked to go to Ethiopia, from which came a cry for help. There the missionaries had been expelled centuries earlier, but after bloody wars and famine, the elderly of Adwa had sent a request for help to the Salesians of Don Bosco.

Many friends in the missionary group have worked hard to collect money and send aid.

Fortunately, many people became Adwa friend also outside the town of Cento, thanks to the word of mouth before, and means of communication then.

In 1998 the Association was officially founded. In 2000, thanks to a TV programme and an article published on the national magazine IO DONNA – Corriere della Sera, it could reach 2000 child sponsorships helping sr. Laura children.

From the table of our kitchens, we moved to a real office, the first employee flanking volunteers in order to face increasing requests, donations, administrative formalities.

Today there are 64 members throughout Italy, dozens of volunteers who went in Mission, an extensive network of contacts through the work of daily communication.

Do you want to be a part of this family?!

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