What you can do

Dear friend,
every donation will be so helpful for Adwa children!

Donate online with a credit card o paypal through this site: click here.

You can also use directly Paypal: paypal.me/amicidiadwa – info@amicidiadwa.org

Otherwise you can donate off-line:

make a bank transfer to our accounts at the CREDEM bank, made out to Associazione Amici di Adwa:

– for long-distance adoption: IBAN IT84H0303223400010000562974 BIC/SWIFT BACRIT22

– for the hospital Kidane Mehret in Adwa, war emergency in Tigray and for the nutrition project: IBAN IT68J0303223400010000563212 – BIC/SWIFT BACRIT22

We have also an account on Intesa SanPaolo bank: IBAN IT46M0306923406100000006546 BIC/SWIFT BCITITMM)

Remember to enter your personal information (name, surname, address) in the reason for the bank transfer so we can send you a receipt for your donation.


Check the legislation in force in the country where you reside.

If your fiscal residence is in Italy:

deduct your donations from your taxes: “Amici di Adwa” is a non-profit organisation enrolled in the Non-Profit Organisation registry under protocol no.73220 dated 12 December 2000 of the Emilia Romagna Internal Revenue Service General Direction.
As such, donations made to us may be tax deductible. However, remember that you can only deduct your donation if it is made through a bank or post office, using a credit card or prepaid card and you keep the receipt or bank statement showing the payment made.

For donations made starting in 2018 by individuals and businesses, the absolute limit for tax deductions has been raised.

Individuals: can detract 30% of the amount (up to €30,000) or .
Businesses: can deduct the amount from the business income

If your fiscal residence is in the U.S.A.

You can have tax deduction making donation (cash or checks) to:

Sr. Margaret Wilhelm, FMA
Missionary Society of the Salesian Sisters
Provincial Offices
655 Belmont Avenue
Haledon, NJ 07508-2301

If your fiscal residence is in Canada

You can have tax deduction making donation (cash or checks) to:

Pierre Larocque
Les Soeurs Salesiennes
Montreal Office
9299 Ave. Pierre de Coubertin
Montreal, Quebec H1L 2H6

Please always specify as payment cause:
Kidane Mehret Maternity & Surgical Hospital – Adwa, Tigray, Ethiopia

If anyone wants to send funds by wire transfer they should contact:
• Canada: Pierre Larocque at 514-351-0240 or salesiennesmanager@gmail.com
• United States: Sr. Margaret Wilhelm at 973-790-7965 or sececonomer19@gmail.com