Report on dental and medical assistance

Report on dental and medical assistance

From 25/12/16 to 20/1/17 the assistance was offered by A.S.P.O.S. (associazione solidale padovana operatori sanitari) volounteers inside the Mission Kidane Meheret in Adwa:
-total visits 744
-extractions 525
-fillings 74
-reconstructions 34
-prothesis 36
-washings 36
-visits 58
-root canal treatments 17

Dental prothesis were applyes on patients with lack of teeths: now they can make big smiles!

Medications were also offered in the Infirmary.

Volounteers Emanuela Poli, Samantha Tistoni and Alice Guidotti were very helpful and efficient.

As the past years, the exerience was enriching and extraordinary. We already miss it, feeling “compelled” to go back to Adwa next year!

Many thanks to Sr Pauline for the organization of the visits, to Seble for the translations and secretaryship, to all Sisters for the ospitality and the opportunity given.

dr.Calgaro Giorgio, dr.Zoccarato Rino, prof.Cavedon Matteo, dr.ssa Formentini Laura