Specialists’ medical campaigns

Specialists’ medical campaigns

While waiting to be able to offer round-the-clock medical services, volunteer doctors from ASPOS and AMOA have been implementing new examination and minor surgery campaigns, divided according to speciality. This is useful in three ways: offering top-level medical services, educating trainees, and working alongside local physicians to help them improve their skills and working methods.

 The dentists and dental surgeons (Rino Zoccarato, Giorgio Calgaro and Matteo Cavedon) conducted hundreds of examinations and performed dental surgery and implants at the end of December and the beginning of January;

  • In January and February, laboratory physician Vittorio Rossi and biologist Anna Carobene tested the instruments in the testing laboratory, conducted the first examinations and trained nurses. Anna Carobene will be overseeing the start-up of the testing laboratory all year;
  • Neurologist Alberto Villacara open a neurology clinic, instructing local nurses in the performance of EEGs to be interpreted in Italy;
  • Dr. Fasolo, Chairman of ASPOS, new chief medical officer of Adwa Hospital and a specialist in hand surgery, is currently in Adwa with his colleagues from Padua, Dr. Binda, Dr. Marcon and Dr. Todesco, beginning operations in the new operating theatre in the first wing of the hospital. Installation of the new “C arch” – purchased by Amici di Adwa with contributions from donation of 5 thousandths of donors’ income tax – will now permit limb operations that prevent life-long invalidity for the injured;
  • Dr. Tabacchi, an eye doctor from Ferrara who has been volunteering in Adwa for many years, set up and started up a new eye clinic where AMOA colleagues will be able to examine and operate on patients.

Our heartfelt thanks to all our volunteers for being willing to spend their holidays conducting medical campaigns for people who would not be able to obtain treatment otherwise!

You too can make a precious contribution to continuing these medical campaigns. Here are some ways you can help


Many thanks for the translation to Joanne Roan