THE BLUE TENT – the book about sister Laura Girotto and the Adwa mission

THE BLUE TENT – the book about sister Laura Girotto and the Adwa mission

The book “THE BLUE TENT – In the Horn of Africa with the weapon of solidarity” by Niccolò d’Aquino is now available in English for Amici di Adwa in Cento (FE – Italy).

The book can be ordered at : the cost is 12$ + shipping charges.

It is also available as an e-book (.EPUB and .AZW3 for Kindle): send a request by e-mail to get a download link.

Thanks to the author’s great skill, you will embrace sister Laura’s cause: to give Ethiopian children a fair chance at life, in the present and in the future!

Here’s the abstract:

An old blue military tent. That is what the Salesian mission in Adwa (in the Horn of Africa), started from. just a few square feet of fabric surrounded by nothing. Now, the mission of Kidane Mehret is a small city. It has become a point of ref-erence for the local population, wearied by wars and precarious sanitary con-ditions. They can count on expert assistance in dealing with issues like hunger and rediscover their lost dignity through gainful employment and education. And now, thanks to the determination of the Salesian sisters who have been working closely with local authorities, they are also in the process of building a hospital…

Niccolò d’Aquino (Athens, 1948) is an Italian journalist. For several years, he was a foreign affairs correspondent for the press agency ANSA and for weekly periodicals of the publishing group Rizzoli-Corriere della Sera. He currently works as the Italian correspondent for two American newspapers.

Laura Girotto (Turin, 1944), the fifth of seven children, grew up in a work-ing-class neighborhood in Turin (Piedmont, Italy). With her passion for fash-ion, she started working in a prestigious fashion house and got her degree as a dress designer. But then she received the call from… “the Boss,” as she refers to Him. Against, the wishes of her family and friends, she turned her back to a promising career and joined the congregation of Don Bosco’s Salesian Sisters. It was an irrevocable decision that ‘has given her a life that wasn’t easy, but it was very happy). She worked as a missionary in Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Zaire and, in 1993, she was sent to Adwa in the Horn of Africa. She has received several national and international awards for her achievements on the field.