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Helps you children of ADWA! Subscribe a child sponsorship or make an offer. Read how to do.

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logominTo give your concrete support to children of Adwa:
make a bank transfer on aur accounts made payable to "Associazione Amici di Adwa Onlus" at Cassa di Risparmio di Cento (BIC CRCEIT2C);
For the sponsorship: IBAN IT12 E 06115 23400 000001355063
To support the project "An hospital for Adwa": IBAN IT35 D 06115 23400 000001355062
For free offer: IBAN IT69 C 06115 23400 000001355930

bulmake a RID to donate automatically (information at the secretary)

bulpay with giro account CCP 48884936, indicating in the causal project that wishes to support.

buldonate online with a credit card on the site

bulgive your 5x1000 of IRPEF to Amici di Adwa, C.F. 90005940383

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In Adwa, many children and mothers need help to survive and be able to hope for a better future.

With only one euro per day you can donate food, medical care, education. Just give up the cost of a coffee to save a life!


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Click on the type of adoption that you want to activate and fill out the form with your personal details. So you can proceed to the donation and take the match with a child or a mother.


An hospital

Help us to build a new hospital in Adwa. To give new hope to mothers and children in a land where die in childbirth or during the first years of life is still a daily reality.

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Education is the only true way to get out of poverty in third world countries, including Africa.
Emergency Interventions are only a response to immediate tragedies and do not constitute permanent solutions.

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Food and agricolture

We can guarantee the survival of children suffer from malnutrition and food autonomy of mission and school, thanks to support the care of stables and greenhouses and the purchase of milk powder for infants.

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